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Albert Gore

It has taken me a long time to figure this out, but I can NEVER be a Democrat!!!! WHY??? Well, the Democrats do NOT believe in PLAYING BY THE RULES!!! For proof of this statement all you have to do is look what has happened during the 2000 campaign and election for President of the U.S.A. Everywhere you look the Democrats were breaking and bending every rule, EVEN THOSE THEY AGREED TO, any time that those rules were detrimental to the Democrats. And looking back over the last several decades, the Democrats ALWAYS break and bend the rules, which are nothing more nor less than the LAWS governing the conduct of the participants.

For example, during the Bush-Gore debates, this rule-breaking became so bad that even Governor Bush commented on it during one of the debates. Governor Bush said to Vice President Gore, "There are rules that WE [both Gore & Bush] agreed to. Evidently rules don't mean anything."

Taking this to the extreme, WHAT WILL GORE DO IF HE IS ELECTED PRESIDENT??? History shows that he is a LIAR and a RULE-BREAKER. WILL THAT CHANGE IF HE BECOMES PRESIDENT??? Not likely, in fact ABSOLUTELY NOT, any more than a zebra can change its stripes!!!

Since laws are just rules that can be enforced by the power of the Government, what you will see is that Gore will constantly lie and break the law. And worse yet, any time the law gets in his way he will do his best to change the law to make his law-breaking seem lawful. In other words, HE WILL CHANGE THE RULES ANY TIME THEY GET IN HIS WAY, just like he did during the debates, just like he is doing during the election, and presumeably just like he has ALWAYS done.

Now look at history. Isn't that the SAME thing HITLER did??? And STALIN??? And IDI AMIN??? And CASTRO??? And SADDAM??? Isn't that the SAME thing ALL BULLIES and DICTATORS do??? IS THAT THE KIND OF 'PRESIDENT' WE WANT FOR OUR GREAT COUNTRY??? I believe that if Gore and the Democrats continue what they are doing and finally get in power, OUR COUNTRY as we know it IS DOOMED. Only time will tell, but I fear for the stability & continued existance of the United States of America!!!

We NEED someone to lead our country who is willing and able to follow the rules (laws) of the land. Will Gore do that??? Unfortunately NO!!! Will Bush??? POSSIBLY, but I don't know for sure. Is there anyone else??? Not that I can see.

The Democrats have continuously done their best to divide our nation into many many warring factions, for example, those collecting Social Security against those who pay for it, or the rich against the poor, etc. Their agenda seems to be one of promoting class envy and passing the buck. NO NATION CAN SURVIVE THOSE KINDS OF POLICIES. The Bible says that NO house (group, nation, organization, etc.) can survive if it is divided, and as this election so amply demonstrates, Gore is exploiting these divisions to the fullest. HE DOES NOT CARE ONE WHIT ABOUT WHETHER THIS NATION SURVIVES -- HE ONLY CARES ABOUT HIMSELF -- HE IS THE ULTIMATE SELFISH BULLY!!!! (Wonder what he was like in school - was he the class bully?)

The BEST thing for this country would be for Gore to GRACEFULLY concede NOW REGARDLESS of the results of the absentee ballots still outstanding. The SECOND BEST thing would be for Gore to step back, wait for the FINAL results of the election, and then gracefully ACCEPT those results WITHOUT further question, whether or not in his favor. Will EITHER of those happen??? I doubt it. Most likely Gore and his diabolical (lead by the Devil) minions will CONTINUE to CREATE MORE and MORE division, so much so, that Bush, for the good of the country, will be FORCED to allow Gore to become the President, regardless of the election results and the laws supporting those results. IF THAT HAPPENS, THIS COUNTRY IS DOOMED, for NO COUNTRY can survive if it does NOT OBEY ITS OWN LAWS.

Regardless of the outcome of this election, this is just one more step to the destruction of our great country. God said it would happen, and slowly but surely it is coming to pass. As best I can tell the pivotal turning point for this country was in late 1986 when President Reagan (a Republican) signed a law turning our system topsy-turvy. That law (don't remember the name or number) when taken to the extreme turned the U.S.A. from English law of "innocent until proven guilty" to Roman law of "guilty until proven innocent." For example, before that law you were assumed to be legally in the U.S. unless proven otherwise. Now you are presumed to be an illegal alien, AND YOU MUST PROVE YOU ARE NOT ANY TIME YOU ARE ACCOSTED, whether by potential employer, police, INS, etc. This law ALLOWS the police, INS, etc. to SEARCH and SEIZE your property WITHOUT a warrant ANY time they THINK you or anyone else on/in that property MIGHT BE illegally in the U.S.A. or MIGHT BE breaking the law. THEY DON'T NEED TO PROVE ANYTHING - YOU need to prove that YOU are INNOCENT, and MAYBE you will get YOUR property back, but definitely NONE of your legal costs. To get a job today, you must now PROVE you are INNOCENT of being an illegal alien, whereas before you were AUTOMATICALLY INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY.

Another effect of that law was abolish personal RESPONSIBILITY. Without personal responsibility, no nation can survive. Today, you can ALWAYS find someone else to blame for whatever. The buck NEVER stops at those RESPONSIBLE. Murderers are 'insane,' had a 'bad childhood,' etc, etc, etc. For example, the INS ALLOWS illegal aliens to enter the U.S., but if an employer hires one, the EMPLOYER is punished! What good is the INS if THEIR responsibility is transferred to the employer??? If the INS would do their job, the employer COULD NOT hire illegals!!!! So, WHY should the employer be held responsible??? For example, hazardous waste laws hold the GENERATOR of hazardous waste responsible FOREVER, and those SAME laws FORBID those same GENERATORS from keeping that same waste under their own control. The GENERATORS must relinquish CONTROL of the waste to SOMEONE ELSE, but CANNOT relinquish RESPONSIBILITY along with that CONTROL. In other words, the GENERATOR is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for actions of those whom he CANNOT control. Those in CONTROL of the waste can do ANYTHING they want with the waste (like dumping it in a river), and the GENERATOR is the one who is ALWAYS RESPONSIBLE and will be PUNISHED.

Since then this great country has been losing its God given freedoms one by one. This election debacle in 2000 is a great mirror on how much freedom we have lost in the last 14 years. It also shows how much worse it can get before this great nation is either devastated by internal strife and/or by some outside conqueror. God says that this nation will disappear from the face of the earth. I am beginning to think that I will live to see it happen. It need not happen, but I don't see any alternative. All I see is CORRUPTION in the HIGHEST levels of our society, and IF we are to survive, it is the HIGHEST -- STARTING WITH OUR PRESIDENT -- that MUST set the example for the whole nation. I do not see that happening. There is NO WAY that a President Gore COULD set the example. I have reservations about a President Bush taking the bull by the horns and turning this country around - I don't think he could do it, even if he tried. But if some PRESIDENT SOON doesn't, our country won't survive this debacle.

Unless we get a MORALLY, ETHICALLY, and LEGALLY STRONG President in the White House, this Presidential election could very well be the LAST election this country has for President. If Gore gets in and this country starts coming apart at the seams, possibly because of the divisions that the Democrats have been promoting for decades, we could wind up with DICTATOR GORE and ALL future elections outlawed, just like any other "BANANA REPUBLIC" as the Italians are saying. Do you want a lying, cheating, DICTATOR Gore???? As for Bush, he could also be PUSHED into a position (by the Democrats) to where he would have NO choice except to become DICTATOR Bush. Would he be strong enough to put the country FIRST??? I have no idea. But one thing is for sure, the Democrats have POLARIZED this country and DIVIDED this country so much that ANY President will have a VERY hard time over the next four years.

If the economy dumps, and I believe it has ALREADY started, unemployment will head for the moon. If the weather continues to be topsy-turvy, food prices will skyrocket. If the Middle East doesn't settle down (and God says it will NOT), war and high energy prices will result. Add to this the debacle of the 2000 election, and it looks like bottom line PURE HELL for the country, the President, and our people for the next few years. We NEED a President that can guide our country through this minefield. The BIG question is, "Are EITHER Gore or Bush up to this challenge???" My opinion??? NO on BOTH counts! And I see NO ONE else on the scene ANYWHERE capable of handling the challenge. Of the two, Gore or Bush, ONLY Bush MIGHT rise to the challenge - it is IMPOSSIBLE for self-serving Gore to put the country FIRST.

May God open the eyes of our leaders and SHOW them what THEY are doing to our GREAT country.

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Written 11 November 2000. Posted 11 November 2000.

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