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to the
End of Time

NOTE:   These times could be off as much as 24 hours depending upon your physical location upon the Earth. Also note that, although the dates themselves are correct, the date-math employed in the javascript language is quirky and sometimes produces the wrong elapsed times, meaning that these elapsed times could be off by an additional 24 hours. Although I am aware of this problem, I am ignorant of any way to make the elapsed times to always be correct.

NOTE:   (010421) Every effort has been expended to ensure the accuracy of these times. However, as I am only human, and as such am unable to see into the future, it is quite possible that I may be in error. If so, whip me with a wet noodle on 3 April 2004!!!

I have examined all possible dates from now until 2100 to determine a basis for these calculations. Of all of the possibilities, this is the ONLY scenario between now and 2100 that fits ALL of the conditions that I have found in the Bible, supplemented by historical facts. Since I first did this examination in 1998, I have found many other time lines and dates in the Bible that EXACTLY fit my original hypothesis. As long as new findings from the Bible CONCUR with this, I will continue to believe that this is an ACCURATE and RELIABLE scenario of the end time countdown.

If you know of ANYTHING in the Bible or in history that may contradict this scenario, PLEASE email me your thoughts on it along with any PROOF that you have. After I PROVE that you are correct, I will attempt to fit your facts into this scenario. Failing that, I will look for another more accurate scenario.

My personal belief is, after over 40 years of studying this subject, and watching history unfold, that this scenario is TOTALLY accurate. I have found NOTHING else that has EVER come close to fitting EVERY aspect of the Bible and history. The ONLY possible problem I have found with this hypothesis is that I was only able to check dates through 2100, and because of that, I do NOT know if there are any other possible dates after 2100 that would provide an accurate basis for this hypothesis.