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Aisen Warner
Safety Switches

When ordering Neutral Safety Switches (NSS) for Aisen Warner transmissions, always order by the five digit number in the lower RIGHT sector of the tag on the switch. Suzuki uses a six digit number on the BOTTOM of the NSS. A few switches do not have this tag, so you may use the casting numbers on the back of the switch, but be aware that this is NOT a foolproof way of getting the correct NSS. Aisen Warner transmissions are commonly found in a wide variety of vehicles, and may eventually be installed in others.

We sell only USED Neutral Safety Switches. ALL electrical parts are sold AS IS and may NOT be returned for ANY reason, even if they were bad BEFORE we sold them. This is the SAME guarantee new electrical parts have from your local new parts dealer. Since we may occasionally sell a bad used switch, you must be prepared to buy ANOTHER one if you buy a bad one from us. If you are bidding in an auction, DO NOT OVERBID, as there is a slim possibility that you may not get a good used NSS.

For a list of KNOWN applications, click on the manufacturer of interest: Chevrolet Geo Isuzu Jeep Kia Lexus Mitsubishi Suzuki Toyota Volvo

Known tag numbers:

VERY IMPORTANT: ALWAYS, ALWAYS call to check on availability BEFORE bidding in any auction featuring these NSSs.


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