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Characteristics: Do you have a VW 020, VW 02A, or VW 02J transaxle?

This table lists some of the differences between a VW 020, VW 02A, & VW 02J transaxles:

  VW 020
4 Speed
VW 020
5 Speed
VW 02A
5 Speed
VW 02J
5 Speed
Case type 2 piece 3 piece 2 piece 2 piece
Rear cover Aluminum Aluminum with round green steel cover Stamped steel, usually black Stamped steel, usually black
Rear cover attachment 4 bolts 6 bolts 5 bolts 5 bolts
Case/Bell material Aluminum and/or magnesium Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Casting numbers "020-xxx-xxx-x" "020-xxx-xxx-x" "02A-xxx-xxx-x" "02J-xxx-xxx-x"
Build code Bottom of bell near motor Bottom of bell near motor Above starter On case near starter
Clutch lever In case near rear cover In rear cover   Hydraulic in bell

The Build Code is a combination of letters and numbers either hand- or machine-STAMPED on the transaxle at the locations noted above. It is ALWAYS either two or three letters/numbers followed by exactly five numbers for the 020 transaxle. The 02J transaxle has exactly three letters followed with about eleven numeric digits. When rebuilding any Volkswagen transaxle this build code is almost always required to get the correct parts for the unit.

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